Ex-etiquette: Explaining the ‘Put the children first’ rule

Q: You always say, "Put the children first" is the primary rule of good ex-etiquette. I've been in my bonusdaughter's life since she was a year old. My husband and his ex share equal custody. When my bonusdaughter was four she asked if she could call me "mom." It was completely her idea, but her mother absolutely forbid it. My bonusdaughter was in hysterics. So, we sat down with her and listened why it was so important. Her mother didn't care. Your advice concerning this topic according to your book, Ex-etiquette for Parents," is "It is inappropriate for a child to call a bonusparent "Mom" or "Dad" unless the biological parent is comfortable with that choice." I don't see how that is putting the child first. I'm confused.


Social Security: Resources for women

March is Women's History Month. It's a time when we reflect on the achievements and contributions of our nation's remarkable women. Many of these heroes might be people close to you: mothers and daughters, aunts, and grandmothers. Each of them plays a special role in our lives as they provide love and support.


When good role models go bad

It seems that there are only a few short years between the time a celebrity makes it big and when he or she starts making salacious headlines. From internet-famous celebs such as Logan Paul and PewDiePie, to pop culture influencers like Kylie Jenner, good role models can go bad. Sometimes beloved celebrities, such as Michael Jackson, attract headlines in such a negative fashion that it's really hard to explain news coverage about them to kids who've looked up them.


So you’ve Marie Kondo’d your closet. Now: How to take care of the clothes you have left?

A few weeks ago, inspired by watching all those people getting cheerfully tidied up on Netflix, I Marie Kondo'd my closet. (Yes, it's a verb.) All my clothes were taken out and piled on the bed in a soft, haphazard mountain – it looked as if a small and very dark-color-favoring boutique exploded – and only those that sparked joy, to use Kondo's term, got returned to the closet. I hope the Goodwill shoppers in North Seattle are enjoying my '90s Elaine Benes blazers (which I of course, as Kondo advises, thanked for their service).


Design Recipes: 7 tips for spring home selling

With the winter thaw comes the red-hot spring selling season. When it comes to properly preparing a property to sell, many experts argue that successful home staging is the key to the most lucrative sale in the shortest amount of time. Stumped as to where to begin to get your home sale ready? Here are seven expert home staging selling tips.

Movie News & Reviews

Movie review: ‘Wonder Park,’ imaginative, intense adventure addresses some big issues

Parents need to know that "Wonder Park" is an animated adventure about an imaginative girl named June (voiced by Brianna Denski), who's spent years dreaming up a magical amusement park named Wonderland with her mom (Jennifer Garner). Their fancies become reality when June stumbles across a rundown version of the park deep in the woods and must help its animal custodians save it from destruction. As a result, she and her friends do battle against hordes of weapons-wielding "chimpanzombies" (which look cute but have murderous intentions) and try to protect the park from getting broken apart and sucked up into scary purple clouds of darkness. So you can expect plenty of action (including explosions, peril, and more), as well as the looming presence of worry and sadness, since June is dealing with the fact that her mom has a serious illness. There are a couple of flirty comments ("I burn for you, baby!") and one quick kiss; language is limited to one "oh, jeez" and a couple of swearing stand-ins like "son of a woodchuck." The film celebrates imagination, curiosity, and perseverance and underlines the importance of not letting fear stop you from being yourself and doing what you love.

Watch hundreds of goats cross road in California

A grazing ritual in West Sacramento, California, has made 400 goats an annual fixture in late winter or early spring. The city welcomed them March 14, 2019, to the Clarksburg Branch Line Trail after crossing Jefferson Boulevard.