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Dean Kahn

A dying mother’s dream; community gives daughter a grand wedding

Friends and businesses rallied to ensure Bev McKissick, who has terminal bone cancer, could see her only daughter marry. Kaitlin McKissick and Kyle Holland moved up their wedding date so Bev would be able to attend and to walk down the aisle. The family’s finances were strapped due to medical expenses, but the community donated much of the cost and materials of the wedding so Kaitlin and Kyle could marry in grand style.

Dean Kahn

Retired teacher offers 10 cents a mile when he goes hitchhiking

Retired teacher Michael Schneider of Lummi Island advocates hitchhiking as a way of sharing rides to help the environment and reduce fear between people. He travels to distant parts of the country and then hitchhikes to see local sites, meet people and learn history. He has used his thumb to see parts of the Midwest, the Deep South, and Kentucky coal country.

This shipwreck is blocking traffic on Interstate 5

A Washington State Patrol trooper guides traffic around a trailer that dumped a boat into a lane of traffic on Interstate 5 on Friday, Sept. 21, in Bellingham, Washington.