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You crave it. They make it. Where to find hearty, warm fall soups in Bellingham

It’s that time of year when warm hearty dishes make their appearance on local menus.

Creating a soup that is packed with flavor and worthy of conversation, is not an easy feat. Soup stocks and broths can take from six to 18 hours to make and then additional hours to bring all the ingredients together. Soup depends on quality ingredients, patience and time. It’s a labor of love.

Soy House

Soy House, located in downtown Bellingham at 400 W. Holly St., this family-owned restaurant makes traditional Vietnamese pho, a broth-based soup with meat or tofu, noodles and herbs. Many food options are available from which to choose, from vegetarian to Kobe beef. If you opt to go the extra mile and order Kobe beef, the beef broth will be poured tableside with a smile, cooking the beef to perfection.

Bone broths have been very trendy as they are extremely healthy. They can be spotted on grocery store shelves and in jars in the refrigerated section. But, there’s no need to buy a box of bone broth when you have Soy House that makes spectacular, lip-smacking pho.


Saltine, 114 Prospect St., in downtown Bellingham offers an ever-changing menu. It honors fall with the addition of soup. Right now you can try a bowl of potato leek soup made with a base of heavy cream and chicken stock … YUM! This New American restaurant has daily specials, so be sure to follow them on Instagram to see what delicious things they are cooking!

Cioppino, a San Francisco, Italian-inspired fish stew, has made an appearance on the menu as well … more reason to follow them on Instagram so you know when these must-have menu items are being made. Grab a seat at the bar, have a tasty beverage and a bowl of soup!

D’anna’s Cafe Italiano

One word. Minestrone. D’anna’s makes a traditional Italian soup that is loaded with beans, vegetables and fresh pasta made in-house with fresh vegetable stock. You can have a small or a large bowl and you can even have fresh gluten-free pasta. It’s a win, win! Pro tip: Use the fresh cheese focaccia to soak up every last drop of soup! Check out D’anna’s at 1317 N. State St.

Take a beautiful walk in downtown Bellingham and check out the slurp-worthy soups … you can lick the bowl, too, if no one is looking.

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Stacey Coates is a pastry chef instructor at Bellingham Technical College. She’s been mastering the craft of all things sweet and buttery since her first Easy Bake Oven and will write weekly about Bellingham’s blossoming food and cocktail scene.