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Video of armed robbery at WFC Fairhaven released

Police released security footage Friday, Jan. 30, of a man robbing the WFC Fairhaven store earlier this month.

The man — wearing glasses, a rain jacket, black shoes and a dark baseball hat — walks in to the store, 3125 Old Fairhaven Parkway, around 5:55 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 18, according to the time stamp on the security camera. Three minutes later, a different camera shows him flashing a gun to two female employees at the register and taking a stack of cash.

If the time stamps align correctly, the alleged getaway vehicle, an SUV, was recorded driving through the store’s parking lot while the robber is inside.

Seconds after the robber exits the store, a camera outside captures a man running toward the stopped SUV. It is unclear if the running man is the robber. The footage cuts off as the man walks past the car in the direction of a coffee stand that was robbed in November 2014.

Police suspect the same man robbed four Bellingham businesses — Westside Pizza, Man Pies, I Wana Moka near Fairhaven and Zoom Zoom Espresso — and one Burlington doughnut shop in November. Click here for our earlier coverage of those robberies.