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Ferndale police: Call 9-1-1 if vacuum salespeople come to your door

Via the City of Ferndale

The Ferndale Police Department is advising the community to call 911 should Kirby vacuum sales people try to sell them products at their homes.

Two sales people do have licenses, which are active until January 27. Those are D. Laliberte and S. Zuspan. The license must be placed on the outside of their clothing and will clearly display a City of Ferndale logo and other information from the City. A state business license or City of Bellingham license are not adequate for peddling or soliciting in Ferndale.

During recent interaction with Kirby vacuum sales people on January 13, it was discovered by officers that the vast majority going door to door do not have Peddlers & Solicitors licenses. Numerous sales people were noted as riding together in a full-sized maroon van with a logo for JA Griffin Inc., which is identified as selling Kirby vacuums out of Bellingham. They stated to an officer that it was their first day on the job. Two sales people were in a residence at the time. The home’s resident confirmed later that they were trying to sell a vacuum.

The Peddlers & Solicitors license is required of any person selling products door to door except for farmers seeking to sell produce or military veterans selling wares. There are other exemptions for religious soliciting, political candidates and non-profit sales such as those of high school students raising funds.

The two sales people who had been in the residence had previously received verbal warnings about licensing requirements and were cited for failure to have a license. They will spend some time in the Ferndale Municipal Court on account of the citations. Several others were issued initial verbal warnings.

The sales people had scheduled appointments to apply for licenses but never showed, according to the department.

Peddlers & Solicitors licenses are intended to ensure public safety of the community, and they include a background check by the Police Department. We strongly encourage the public to contact the department by dialing 911 to report suspicious activity.

Violation of Ferndale’s Municipal Code regarding the licenses is subject to a $250 penalty per day that violations occur.