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WWU asks students to be on lookout for dorm voyeur

Updated at 5 p.m.

Campus police were looking for a man who might have tried to film a young woman showering at Western Washington University’s Ridgeway Alpha dorm Monday morning, Oct. 6.

Here’s the full alert via WWU.

Report: At 10:20 a.m. today a female Western student taking a shower in the Ridgeway Alpha residence hall on Western’s campus saw a male hand holding a cellphone come over the top of the shower curtain. She yelled, “Hey, what are you doing?” and the hand immediately withdrew. The man fled before the student could identify him. Police are investigating. If you have any knowledge of this incident please call University Police at: 650-3555.

Each floor of Ridgeway Alpha has shared, gendered bathrooms, according to floor plans on Western’s University Residences site. It’s a co-ed dorm, though the floor in question is all-female, said Paul Cocke, university spokesman. Cocke wasn’t sure, off-hand, how many tips had come in to police as of the late afternoon Monday.

“But they’re certainly taking them,” he said. “We’re hoping somebody will come forward.”