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Charges: Boy, 16, took cocktail of drugs before trying to murder Bellingham woman

BELLINGHAM — A 16-year-old boy admitted to consuming Adderall, alcohol, marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms before trying to beat a random Bellingham woman to death at her St. Clair Street home, according to police reports and charges filed Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Jacob Allen Carmickle, a former Sehome High School honor student, has been accused of second-degree attempted murder and first-degree burglary in Whatcom County Superior Court.

The Bellingham Herald names minors charged in adult courtrooms.

The following is a timeline of the allegations, as outlined by Prosecutor David McEachran in the affidavit.

—Shortly before the attack, Carmickle stole hallucinogenic mushrooms from a friend and ate them at another friend's house. Later he confessed he'd also taken Adderall — a mix of amphetamines commonly prescribed for attention deficit disorders — along with beer and cannabis.

—Carmickle's friends then told him the other friend was coming over, fuming about the stolen mushrooms, mad enough to beat or kill him. So Carmickle ran off.

—Officers were dispatched to the Barkley Haggen at 4:25 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 11, for a shirtless, shoeless teenager shouting that he was "tripping." He wanted someone to call the cops.

—But he didn't stick around. He ran on the Railroad Trail for a half-mile till he came to a two-story, gray-green house in the 3100 block of St. Clair.

—The crime: "(The 44-year-old resident) heard pounding and wailing at her front door shortly after 4 a.m. She went to the door thinking it was a female who needed help. She cracked open her door to see who was there and the defendant quickly forced his way inside the residence. The defendant, Jacob Carmickle, was a person whom (she) had never seen before and was acting very strangely. He began looking around the house and told her repeatedly that she needed to drive him somewhere. (The woman) was afraid of him and told him she would take him where he wished to go, so she could get him out of the house since her 3-year-old daughter was sleeping upstairs. Mr. Carmickle continued to look around and started to go upstairs. (She) grabbed his legs to prevent him from going upstairs where her daughter was. The defendant stated that it appeared that no one was home, so he would have to kill her. He then immediately attacked her by striking her in the face and body. She fought back and they both rolled down the stairs. (She) tried to protect herself, but the defendant was too strong and hit her repeatedly in the face. He also grabbed her by the neck and squeezed until she could not breathe and tried to bend and break her neck. He dragged her into the kitchen and tried to strangle her with the hose extension on the faucet. He beat her head on the counters and struck her again and again. He also bit her a number of times during this assault. He ended up putting her in a scissors hold with his legs and strangled her. (The woman) passed out during this attack. During this attack the defendant had stated repeatedly that he wanted to kill her. When she regained consciousness she observed her daughter sitting on the stairs looking at her, and the defendant was nowhere to be seen."

—The woman called 911 at 4:33 a.m. "Officers immediately responded to this residence and made contact with (the woman). (She) was covered with blood and had blood on her face and injuries to her face and body consistent with her account of being seriously beaten. Officers could also see a large quantity of blood on the door of the home and through a hallway and on the walls of some of the rooms. Officers cleared the house and made certain that no one was there other than (the woman) and her 3-year-old daughter. Aid was called to treat (the victim) and she was taken to the hospital due to her injuries."

—Outside the home Carmickle stripped and ran off, covered in blood. Nonetheless, a stranger picked him up. (Few details have been released about the driver.) Carmickle didn't give his real address, because he didn't want the driver to know. After getting dropped off he walked the rest of the way home to the 2200 block of Yew Street Road.

—A police dog, K-9 Officer Danek, sniffed out Carmickle's khaki pants on a trail near the home. His wallet and student ID were inside. Police phoned his mother before heading to the family's trailer. She confirmed he had come home, high and naked, a few hours earlier.

—Officers found Carmickle in bed, still smeared with blood. He seemed lucid, police said, and at the station he agreed to talk with a detective without a lawyer. He confessed to taking the drugs beforehand and, after an initial denial, recalled details of the attack. Once she passed out, he thought she might be dead. The last thing he saw, before fleeing, was the woman's daughter looking down at him from the top of the stairs.

Carmickle was taken to juvenile detention. His bail has been set at $1 million.

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