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Detectives taking a fresh look at cold case killing of Lummi woman

FERNDALE — The Whatcom County Sheriff's Office and the FBI are reinvigorating efforts to solve the death of Carol Greene, a high school counselor killed in December 1983.

This weekend marks the 30th anniversary of her disappearance.

From the sheriff's office.

On December 15, 1983, Ferndale High School counselor Carol Greene attended a staff Christmas party, and then went to the Malibu Steak and Chowder House with a fellow staff member, located in Pioneer Center, Ferndale, Washington. She stayed at the club for a number of hours, socializing and occasionally dancing, and was seen leaving just before closing. It was the last time Carol was seen alive. Multiple searches were conducted on the Lummi Indian Reservation after Carol’s vehicle was discovered near the golf course the following day. Four months later, on April 6, 1984, her body was discovered about a mile from where her car was found. All evidence pointed to foul play, but to date there hasn’t been enough to make an arrest.That may change.

As the 30 year anniversary of Carol’s disappearance approaches, the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are taking a second look at the case, particularly the physical evidence left behind and the eyewitness accounts. As forensic DNA analysis has evolved over the years, it has proven to be invaluable in solving cold cases around the country. It's hoped that advances in DNA technology can now be successfully applied to the evidence in the Carol Greene case. If you have any information on the disappearance and murder of Carol Greene please contact the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office tip line at (360) 676-7459, the FBI Switchboard at (206) 622-0460 or e-mail information to

Elfo declined to go into specifics about what old evidence is being examined with new technology. No new physical evidence has been found, he said. Detectives want people who should have come forward years ago to come forward now. They're out there, Elfo said, and the family has waited three decades for closure.