Yes, there are beaches at Boulevard Park. And beautiful sunsets.

Enjoy the sunset at Boulevard Park in Bellingham

People enjoy a September sunset from Boulevard Park on the bay in Bellingham, Wash.
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People enjoy a September sunset from Boulevard Park on the bay in Bellingham, Wash.

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Boulevard Park is arguably the city’s most beloved and most popular park. This green space on the waterfront is one of the things that makes Bellingham a special place.

Why you’ll like it: The views are stunning. You can admire the sparkling water of Bellingham Bay against the backdrop of Portage and Lummi islands. Turn in a different direction to get an eyeful of mountain.

You can get to the water of Bellingham Bay via two pocket beaches. They’re small but pretty. Or make your way to the water by way of a natural shoreline that was created in recent years after concrete riprap at the park was taken out and replaced with coarse sand, large rocks, cobbles and beach gravel.

Backed a little ways from the shore is a Woods Coffee shop, an important feature for Pacific Northwest residents who love coffee with their pretty vistas.

Boulevard Park is known as one of the best places in Bellingham to watch sunsets, from the reds and bright coral-orange of summer to the cool yellow light of fall. Admire the fading light from its beaches, or from the over-water walkway that connects the park to Taylor Dock.

Other things to do: Ride your bicycle to the park. Enjoy summer music concerts. Throw a rock into the water or kayak off Boulevard Park in mid- to late-summer to see bioluminescence sparkle and light up the night.

Launch your kayak. Fish off a dock. Watch the tree leaves change color in the fall.

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People enjoy the sunset at Boulevard Park on Wednesday, Sept. 5, in Bellingham. Evan Abell evan.abell@bellinghamherald.com

Users: Hikers, runners and bicyclists. Everyone, young and old. Much of the park is accessible to people in wheelchairs, though the beaches are not.

Difficulty: Easy, because most of the park and route there is flat.

Amenities: Restrooms, playground, barbecue grills, picnic tables and a coffee shop.

Driving there: The park is at Bayview Drive off South State Street. There’s a big parking lot although it’s usually full on warm, sunny days. There also are bus stops along South State Street if you’re taking public transportation.

Hiking or bicycling there: You can walk to the park and its beaches from downtown Bellingham by way of the South Bay Trail. Start at East Laurel Street, between North State Street and Railroad Avenue, to hop onto the South Bay Trail. The route to Boulevard Park through to Taylor Dock is easy to follow. It’s about a four-mile round trip for this part of the route. There’s a railroad crossing just before you get to the park so keep your eyes and ears open, especially if you have children with you.

If you want to keep going, turn right after you get off Taylor Dock to head south to Fairhaven.

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