When they look to move, these residents look north to Bellingham 

Seattle residents continue to look to Bellingham when considering a new place to live.

A report from real estate brokerage Redfin found that when its users in Seattle searched for a new place to live, Bellingham was tied with Portland, Oregon, as the top destination in the third quarter. Bellingham and Portland each had 9.3% of Seattle residents’ searches, followed by Los Angeles with 8.3%.

Bellingham gets searches from all over the U.S., but mostly from the West Coast. After Seattle, the metro areas regularly searching for Bellingham include the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Portland and San Diego.

For people wanting to move out of Bellingham, what was destination most searched for by Redfin users? With 76.3% of the searches, Seattle was by far the most popular, followed by Phoenix with 2.6% and Los Angeles at 2.3%.

The report also noted Seattle ranked eighth in the U.S. in terms of people looking to leave the metro area during the third quarter. This net outflow category is defined as the number of people doing research to leave the area minus the number of people looking to move into the metro. New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles were at the top of this list.

Boston, Sacramento and Phoenix topped the list of metro areas people searched to move into, according to the report.

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