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Recipe exchange: Save summer with Bellingham strawberry freezer jam

Becca Taber of Bellingham shares her recipe for strawberry freezer jam as Eat Local Month wraps up.

She uses strawberries from Bellingham Country Gardens, 2838 E. Kelly Road, where they offer no spray, late season strawberries. “It’s a great place to u-pick throughout the peak season, especially with help from owner Sam Grubbs. He’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for and you’ll leave feeling great about your picks,” she says.

Taber, now a part-time professional cook, discovered her love of cooking as a teenager. “I moved to Bellingham and discovered our amazing agriculture here,” she says.

She says the the hardest part of preparing the jam is picking the right pectin. “There are several different types and brands of pectin to choose from,” she says. “Just make sure the label specifies that it works with no-cook freezer jam recipes then follow the specific instructions provided.” She perfers to use Ball instant fruit pectin. “It’s easy to find and doesn’t require massive amounts of sugar to set,” she says, adding, “Make sure you stir well to avoid lumpy and uneven jam.”

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