Floral arrangements for weddings creative, hand-tied these days

Kayleen Van Wingerden is head florist at Seven Sister Designs in Blaine.

Question: What’s the trend in bridal bouquets?

Answer: The European hand-tied bouquet is what’s hot right now. More brides are asking for a looser look, not so tight and perfectly round.

Q: What’s the trend for men’s boutonnieres?

A: I always steer my brides away from the roses for boutonnieres, as they are very heavy and usually end up sideways if not pinned on correctly. We try to pick something light and a little more masculine. Like adding a succulent, or designing in a bullet shell!

Q: What are some options for decorating the marriage venue with flowers?

A: Some of the most common options are to have an arbor at the front of the ceremony, and there are so many different ways you can decorate these. Pinterest is great for some inspiration.

Another common one is to have two stands or more on each side, with arrangements or candles on top. A lot of brides are decorating their aisles, too, whether it be with petals, shepherd hooks, galvanized buckets or lanterns.

Q: What kind of table arrangements is popular for receptions?

A: There is a lot of Mason jars, assorted vintage vases, and lanterns being used. It is also nice to have half of the tables with tall arrangements, and half with shorter arrangements.

Q: What kind of flowers are best for couples on a budget?

A: It depends on the season, and what can be brought in locally. In the summer, I strongly suggest dahlias, because we have so many local growers in this area.

Q: What are some of the unique requests you get for bridal flowers?

A: I recently had a bride ask for one sunflower in her bouquet, to represent her grandfather who passed away. I have another bride who will have a locket on her bouquet handle with a photo of her dad, who passed away when she was a little girl.

Q: How far in advance should a couple work with a florist for bouquets and decorations?

A: It is good to book your date as soon as possible, no later than three months in advance. I usually set up a consultation, and then we also have a follow-up meeting closer to the date, as sometimes brides change their minds on a couple things.

Q: What is your favorite flower, and why?

A: I love garden roses; they smell and look amazing! I also love peonies, but then again who doesn’t? There are so many fun and unique flowers out there, like succulents, billy balls and thistles.