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Sports Blog: City softball on the rise?

Last season, the three city softball teams (Sehome, Squalicum and Bellingham) combined for 12 total wins — seven from Sehome, five from Bellingham and Squalicum went without a win.

This year, those schools already have 12 wins and it’s less than halfway through the season. Sehome is 6-3, Bellingham is 4-4 and Squalicum is 2-6.

Sehome has been competitive most years for awhile now but Bellingham has long been in or near the cellar of the Northwest Conference and Squalicum has had three consecutive poor years, including last year’s 0-20 season.

But things appear to be on the upswing for the three city schools.

Sehome can compete with anyone in the league and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make a respectable run at the NWC crown.

Bellingham had won four of five games before stiff competition in Ferndale and Mount Baker put the Red Raiders back at .500.

Squalicum has won two of the past three games after not winning in nearly two calendar years.

So what’s with the improvement?

Sehome has built a good team that’s hitting its stride with a strong batch of seniors.

Bellingham discovered some major talent last season that’s greatly improved in the past year, such as Justina Allen, who was last week’s WIAA Athlete of the Week for the Class 2A level.

As for Squalicum, coach Loran Zenonian mentioned before the season how many of his players started playing in the offseason on various club and select teams. That’s certainly boded well for the Storm’s success.

With the city schools improving, the league gets tougher and that can only be a good thing come playoff time. There’s definitely not going to be any “easy” games this season.