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Sports Blog: WWU’s Peacocke attempting to play two sports

Western Washington University women’s basketball player Taylor Peacocke is trying something a bit different this offseason — or at least her basketball offseason.

Peacocke is officially listed on the Vikings’ softball roster, as she attempts to be the rare two-sport athlete at WWU.

When Peacocke originally committed to Sacramento State University out of high school, she planned to play both sports. After transferring to WWU, she chose to make basketball a priority.

“When I got here I was thought it’d be really cool to play both but I was like I didn’t really last at Sacramento that long,” Peacocke said. “I should really try to focus on one sport and get a year under my belt.”

After playing catch with some of her friends on the softball team over the summer, Peacocke figured she would give it a shot in 2015.

The softball season officially starts on Feb. 7 and the basketball regular season ends Feb. 28. Basketball is the focus for Peacocke and she will continue to play out the season while she trains with the softball team.

As a student and a two-sport athlete, Peacocke stays busy.

“You definitely have to learn how to choose your priorities,” Peacocke said. “My social life really is my team. I really feel like you have your sports, your school and your social life and you really only get to choose two of them. I’ve found a way to make my social life my team and they’re the people who keep me going.”

Peacocke still maintains high grades and keeps school as a focus, but when basketball coach Carmen Dolfo heard about Peacocke wanting to try softball, she knew it would be difficult.

“I wasn’t super happy honestly,” Dolfo said. “I kind of look at it like softball is what she wants to do with her free time. I think it would be different if she wasn’t a good student. We’ll see how it evolves this spring.

“She’s obviously a great athlete and I think she can do it. The reason why I think it can work is that academically she’s strong and she takes care of her business and does what she needs to do.”

For now Peacocke is trying to guide Vikings’ basketball to the postseason. She’s averaging a team-high 14.1 points per game and WWU is 12-6.