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Reporting period for summer personal use Dungeness crab ending

Personal use (sport) catch reports of Dungeness crab caught during the summer 2014 season must be filed with the state fish and wildlife department before midnight Wednesday, Oct. 1.

These reports are to detail how many crabs were caught together with the dates and the location(s) by marine area of those catches by each holder of a 2014 Puget Sound Crab Endorsement and its companion summer catch record card.

All persons who bought the PSCE and took out a summer catch card must report even if they fished but did not retain any crabs or did not fish at all. Reports are required of all persons with a catch card regardless of their age or they were short-term visitors from out of state.

The quickest way to make this mandatory report is to log onto https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov/wdfw/puget_sound_crab_catch.html. To log in, would-be reportees must give either their WILD number or date of birth and have the summer 2014 catch record card document number as well as the catch data.

These reports are required to allow state shellfish managers to tally the early season non-treaty personal use or recreational harvest by marine area. In turn that enables them to determine if sufficient allocation remains in any of those zones to warrant re-opening any or all of them for a fall sport catch period (October to December.

Anyone holding Puget Sound Crab Endorsements and crab catch cards who fails to make this report will be required to pay a $10 civil penalty in addition to the base cost of their next inland waters crab endorsement.