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Brief early resident Canada goose hunt starts Wednesday, Sept. 10

A six-day hunt for non-migratory Canada geese, in advance of the general waterfowl season, begins in Goose Management Areas 1, 2A, and 3 including Whatcom County Wednesday, Sept. 10. The last day is Monday, Sept. 15.

Authorized by the state fish and wildlife commission, this early opportunity focuses only on the so-called resident 'honker' sub-species that live year-around and nest in Washington and can pose problems in some areas.

It's sanctioned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and its Pacific Flyway Committee under their federal migratory bird authorities.

In this opening, hunters may kill up to five Canada geese each day and are allowed 15 Canadas in possession.

Migratory greater or Pacific white-fronted geese, aka 'specklebellies,' which occasionally arrive early in this area are not legal to shoot, nor are any other migratory waterfowl.

Partly concurrent early resident honker hunts also take place in GMA 2B (Southwest Washington, Sept. 1-15) and GMAs 4 and 5 (Eastern Washington, Sept. 13-14).

These early CG opportunities are open to all Washington licensed hunters possessing a small game hunting license together with a state migratory bird permit and federal migratory bird stamp. 

Hunting seasons that opened the first of September are underway for mourning doves and forest grouse. Also archery hunters are currently in the field for their early deer and elk opportunities and black bear hunters have been stalking their bruin quarry here since the first of August.

A special youth bird hunting weekend is slated for Sept. 20-21. The general waterfowl season begins Saturday, Oct. 11.