Crabbing extended into the ‘long johns’ season

This week’s hatchery and flow info.

FACILITY (Stock/Species)

Baker Lake Hatchery (Baker sockeye): 31,239 sockeye trapped & transferred (22,676 to Baker Lake as of Oct. 2; 6,301 to hatchery as of Sep. 29). Same week total in 2014 – 6,297 adult sockeye to hatchery.

LAKE LEVEL - Upper Baker Reservoir

Recent: As of Saturday, Sept. 26, the reservoir surface was at 719.53 feet above sea level, three foot drawdown over past six days.

Forecast: No prediction for this gauge. Full pool is 727.77 feet above sea level.

FACILITY (Stock/Species)

Samish Hatchery (Samish fall chinook): 3,387 adult fall chinook trapped as of Sept. 29. Same week total in 2014 – 3,700 adult chinook to hatchery.

FLOW LEVEL - USGS gauge Samish River near Burlington

Recent: 23 cubic feet per second of Saturday, Oct. 4, steady drop over past seven days. Median daily discharge for date is 41 c.f.s over 47 year gauge history.

Forecast: No prediction for this gauge.