Bellingham derby opens summer salmon stint

This week’s Skagit hatchery and flow info:

FACILITY (Stock/Species)

Marblemount Hatchery (Skagit spring chinook): 943 adults. Same week total in 2014 – 853 spring chinook.

Baker Lake Hatchery (Baker sockeye): 5,482 sockeye trapped & transferred (4,722 to Baker Lake, 759 to hatchery). Same week total in 2014 – 278 adult sockeye to hatchery.

FLOW – Skagit River Marblemount Gauge

Recent: 3,500-3,800 c.f.s. range about 3,550-3,840 c.f.s under median daily flow for Saturday, July 4. Flow volume has been steady with slight fluctuations in the last seven days.

Forecast: No prediction for this up-river gauge, but the Skagit elsewhere is forecast to raise slightly through Tuesday, July 7.