Conconully Reservoir

The pear-shaped reservoir at the head end of Salmon Cree, both these waters and the nearby lake are managed for heavy pressure fishing with both grown-in-the-lake yearling fish and spring planted catchables.

Angler notes: Several resorts and a state park, which wraps around the head end of the lake in town, provide access and accommodations.

Open water: 450 acres.

Season: Last Saturday in April to October 31.

Angling quarry here: Rainbows.

Stocking for 2008: 6,000 catchable and 49,962 fingerling rainbows plus 360 triploid rainbows.

Special rules: Season only, otherwise statewide size and bag limits apply.

Boat launches: State parks ramp.

Getting there: Take Highway 20 into Okanogan, stay on Second Avenue to Pine Street and right onto Orchard Grade that turns into Conconully Road northbound to the Johnson Creek valley where the road heads northwest to Conconully.