Ski to Sea

Ski to Sea: Mountain biking leg breakdown


Year leg added to the race: 2015.

Where: From the west end of Harris Avenue, through Fairhaven on trails and to the north end of Chuckanut Mountain and back to the finish line at Fourth Street and Harris Avenue.

Course length: About 7.3 miles.

Approximate time to complete: About 30 minutes for the top competitors and about an hour for everybody else.

Course description: After running out of Marine Park and safely crossing the railroad tracks, riders will mount their bikes and ride Fairhaven’s greenways trails and the Interurban Trail to Arroyo Park, where they will face a technical uphill section. Bikers continue climbing more technical single-track on the north side of Chuckanut Mountain before they carefully descend to Chuckanut Drive, which they will follow to Old Samish Highway. They will then retrace their ride up the Interurban and the Lower Padden Creek trail to Donovan Avenue, where they will make a final sprint to Fourth Street and to the finish line outside the Index Industries building near the entrance to Marine Park. Riders can give their bike to a volunteer who will park it in a bike coral and then re-enter Marine Park for a ceremonial ringing of the Ski to Sea bells.

Mountain bike chair: Andy Hatfield.

Pre-race meeting: Noon at the foot of Harris Avenue on the east side of the railroad tracks.

Timing chip: The mountain biker receives the timing chip from the kayaker, swipes the chip to record the finish time for the kayak leg, completes the mountain biking course and swipes the timing chip to complete their team’s time. The mountain biker must return the timing chip to a Ski to Sea volunteer at the finish line. Failure to return the chip will result in the team being charged to replace it.



Riders must obey all rules of the road during their leg. Watch for competitors and follow instructions from police and volunteers to maximize safety for everyone.

Suggested departure time: 11:30 a.m.

Best place to watch the leg: With the Lower Padden Creek and Interurban Trails already having riders going in both directions, it might be best to avoid those areas to reduce congestion. Just outside Marine Park will offer a good view of the final sprint to the finish and isn’t far from the finish-line festivities.