Ski to Sea

Ski to Sea recap: 2009 division winners

Division Team Time
Open Bagelry 5:45:43
Competitive Female Boundary Bay Brewery 6:32:29
Competitive Mixed SSC You Call, We Haul 7:18:16
Whatcom County Open 6:04:48
Whatcom County Female Kulshan Cycles 6:53:20
Whatcom County Mixed RE/MAX Whatcom County, Inc. 6:47:08
Recreational Open Unorthodocs 6:47:45
Recreational Female Venus Envy 8:43:23
Recreational Mixed Aunt Janie's Roadtrip 7:53:28
High School Made in the Methow 7:33:08
Masters Samuel's Furniture 6:13:19
Veterans Win or Die 6:23:56
Family Moore Heckrodts On the Way 7:42:10
Corporate Washington State Patrol Iron Bears 7:17:11

Year First place Time Second place Third place Top Whatcom County (overall)
2009 Bagelry 5:45:43* Barron Heating (6th)
2008 Bagelry 5:29:26+ Barron Heating Beavers Tree Service (4th)
2007 5:43:08 Barron Heating (4th)
2006 Barron Heating Open 5:46:05 Beaver's Tree Service (4th)
2005 Barron Heating Open 5:37:40 Clipper Canoes Binyon County Binyon County (3rd)
2004 Barron Heating Open 5:32:37 Win's Drive-In Moving & Storage Solutions Beaver's Tree Service (5th)
2003 Barron Heating Masters 5:35.20 Barron Heating Open Win's Drive-In Beaver's Tree Service (4th)
2002 Win's Drive-In 5:28:47 Barron Heating Open Barron Heating Masters Beaver's Tree Service (4th)
2001 Barron Heating Open 5:39:44 Win's Drive-In Beaver's Tree Service Beaver's Tree Service (3rd)
2000 Barron Heating Open 5:28:13 Team Win's 2000 Clipper Canoes Beaver's Tree Service (4th)

* Revamped, 14-mile mountain biking leg first used.
+ Canoeing leg cancelled due to fast river conditions (two hours added to each team's time), and kayaking leg shortened due to high afternoon winds.