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Post 7 wins 14-8 after Kennewick battles back

Jordan Wittenberg is hit during the first inning against Kennewick on Saturday, July 25 at Joe Martin Field.
Jordan Wittenberg is hit during the first inning against Kennewick on Saturday, July 25 at Joe Martin Field. The Bellingham Herald

Bellingham’s Post 7 kept everyone on their toes Saturday night as they went in to the seventh inning with a seemingly easy 14-1 win when Kennewick earned four runs in two hits. The final score was 14-8 Bellingham.

“We came to play, but we got a little complacent there in those middle innings,” said Post 7 coach Steve Slesk. “We’ve played these guys before and they can just hit and hit and we knew they weren’t done.”

The second round of the 2015 American Legion Baseball “AAA” State Tournament was a reminder to Bellingham that in the game of baseball, anything can happen.

Bellingham’s starting pitcher Josh Zavisubin went from a potential perfect game to giving up five runs in three innings.

“Josh pitched really well but he started to get tired,” Slesk said.

Bellingham came in strong at the beginning, with three runs on four hits in the first inning. They kept up that momentum, with 11 runs on 10 hits by the bottom of the third. Kennewick appeared to be facing a shut out game until their single run in the fifth inning turned the tables on Bellingham. But even their seven runs in two innings could not make up for Bellingham’s incredible offensive start.

Throughout the game both teams had a strong outfield, making catch after catch from high-arcing balls. Kyle Little made a diving catch at the top of the ninth inning, almost mirroring his great play from the day before. He also had two RBI.

Individual Post 7 players had unique games.

Jordan Wittenberg walked after being hit his first time at bat. He was hit again in the third inning, right after Ernie Yake, two hit batters in two pitches.

Kyle Sandstrom went 3-5. Kyler Brudwick went 2-5 with five RBI. Noah Rawls had two RBI and went 2-4.

Nate Pearsall went 2-3 with a triple RBI in the fifth inning and walked twice.

“They played a good game out there today,” Slesk said.

Looking forward at day three of the tournament, coach Slesk said the team is going to come back and play as they always do, with focus and a winning attitude. Saturday night was not a stress-free game for Bellingham but it has in no way discouraged them from staying positive going in to the game Sunday.

Post 7 plays Lakeside at 7 p.m., July 26, at Joe Martin Field for the third round of the tournament.

American Senior Legion Baseball


At Joe Martin Field

Elimination game: Yakima Valley vs. Spokane Bandits, 1 p.m.

Elimination game: Spokane North Stars vs. Kennewick, 4 p.m.

Third round: Lakeside vs. Post 7, 7 p.m.

Saturday’s results

Spokane North Stars 7, Centralia 6: A pitching duel until the end, both teams scored big in the last innings, with two runs for each team in the seventh inning. Norden had a notable 3 RBI.

Spokane Bandits 2, Pacific Tech 0: It was a scoreless beginning, with the only two runs scored by Spokane in the seventh. The starting pitcher for Pacific Tech almost had a no hitter, then allowed a double in the ninth inning.

Lakeside 4, Pepsi Pak 1: Neither team scored until the sixth when Lakeside stepped up to score in three consecutive innings. Pepsi Pak had a scoreless game until the ninth inning.