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Seahawks’ and Bears’ Bennett brothers creating their own brand

Bears tight end Martellus Bennett will face off against his brother Michael, and his Seahawks teammates Sunday in Seattle. The Bennett brothers are well known for their strong play on the field, and their commentary off of it.
Bears tight end Martellus Bennett will face off against his brother Michael, and his Seahawks teammates Sunday in Seattle. The Bennett brothers are well known for their strong play on the field, and their commentary off of it. The Associated Press

“Black Santa” and “Black Unicorn” are two of the National Football League’s most off-beat personalities.

They also happen to be off-the-wall brothers.

Michael (“Santa”) and Martellus (“Unicorn”) Bennett are not fans of facing off in football games — but will Sunday at CenturyLink Field.

Including exhibition games, when Michael’s Seattle Seahawks host Martellus’s Chicago Bears, this will mark the fourth time both siblings have been on opposite sidelines for an NFL game.

“I honestly do not look forward to playing against Michael. We’ve never been two of those brothers who have been super-competitive against each other,” Martellus told the Seattle media Wednesday on a teleconference call.

“I kind of dread lining up against him, but it is one of those things we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do.”

And since Martellus plays tight end, there is a chance he might have to block Michael, who is at defensive end.

“I feel the same way — I don’t like playing against my brother,” Michael said before practice Wednesday from the VMAC. “It is just hard to make your mindset of going against somebody that is your family.”

Both premier players at their respective positions on the field, Michael and Martellus also have no hesitation in expressing their views on just about anything off the field.

For example, their nicknames: Michael has signed autographs for years calling himself “Black Santa.” And since Martellus sees himself as a magical football-playing stallion — and is also a fan of Patronus from the “Harry Potter” films — he dubbed himself the “Black Unicorn.”

Those two characters starring together anytime soon?

“It would be a good book,” Michael said. “We’d co-write it.”

In that regard, Martellus already has a step on Michael, who is 18 months older, but has spent one year less in the NFL.

Sons of a U.S. Naval officer, Martellus was always coming up with innovative ideas as a teenager in San Diego.

As an adult, he has written children’s books, and come up with his latest animation project called “Zoovie: A Warm and Fuzzy Tale.”

The short film is more than 25 minutes long, Martellus said. It follows a character named Cosmo, who happens to be a penguin that dreams of making motion pictures. It was produced by a company Martellus helps run called The Imagination Agency.

“Yeah, everybody (in the family) watched it,” Martellus said. “I usually send my scripts (for Michael) to read over, because (he) is funny. He has more of a dry humor than I do. I compare him to Larry David.”

Martellus said a full-length animated film is in the works. Two of the main characters are named after Michael’s youngest daughters, Blake and Ollie.

“The thing about his animation, and a lot of the stuff he does, he doesn’t get a lot of credit because of who he is,” Michael said. “If Russell Wilson did half the stuff my brother did, it would probably be in movie theaters by now.”

Those are the types of refreshingly-candid, borderline-outrageous comments that can be heard from either of the Bennett brothers on an almost weekly basis.

“We are two of the most normal people in the NFL,” Martellus said. “I think everybody else are the weird ones.

“We just have good self-sense and self-awareness. We know who we are as people. We are OK with who we are. … We have no problems stepping out on a limb and being ourselves.”

Even if some, including their own parents, think their ideas are crazy.

“I’m pretty sure (my parents) say that every day,” Martellus said. “My wife says it every day. When I am with Michael, his wife says the same thing

“Like (Apple Inc. founder) Steve Jobs says, people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that usually do.”

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Counting Sunday, this will be the fourth time in their playing careers that Seattle’s Michael Bennett and Chicago’s Martellus Bennett will face off in an NFL game. Here are the first three games:







Dallas at Tampa Bay

Dallas, 31-15

Michael had three tackles for Tampa Bay; Martellus had three receptions for 23 yards for Dallas.



Tampa Bay at New York Giants

New York, 41-34

Michael had one tackle for Tampa Bay; Martellus had five receptions for 72 yards and TD for NY.



Chicago at Seattle

Seattle, 34-6

Michael had two tackles for Seattle; Martellus had one reception for 22 yards for Chicago.