Seattle Seahawks

5 questions for NFL Week 2

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning leaves the field following the Broncos’ improbable 31-24 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday night.
Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning leaves the field following the Broncos’ improbable 31-24 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday night. The Associated Press

Will Kam Chancellor ever show?

What was unthinkable when this started 50-plus days ago is now possible: The Seahawks’ strong safety and team leader holding out the entire season. He’s that dug in to his principled stance that he deserves to be paid more now while his body can still allow him to earn it. The team remains dug in on not wanting to set the precedent of adding money to a deal that still has three years remaining.

The impasse has gone beyond frustrating to the Seahawks. If Chancellor doesn’t report by the Tuesday after the 10th game — Nov. 24 — he loses an accrued season toward free agency. Thing is, he might not care about free agency, for which he’d become eligible in 2018. He might not think his body will be healthy enough to still be playing by then. So that “deadline” might not matter to him.

Does anyone really believe revenge is not motivating the Packers?

I don’t. It’s a worn-out concept in sports, for sure. But there’s no way Green Bay’s players aren’t still stinging from how their trip to February’s Super Bowl evaporated over the Seahawks’ miraculous fourth quarter. From up 16-0 to having an onside kick go out of a teammate’s hands to home watching Seattle play in the Super Bowl instead of them, in the span of about an hour? Yeah, they aren’t getting over that anytime soon. The Packers have had Sunday night’s rematch with the Seahawks in their sights since way before the schedule came out in April.

OK, who said Peyton Manning was done?

One iffy opener and the vultures were circling on the 39-year-old legend’s career this past week. Yet when the Broncos got the ball with less than two minutes remaining down by a touchdown Thursday night at Kansas City, did you really believe Manning wouldn’t tie the game? As long as Denver’s offensive line can protect him, Manning remains a big factor in the NFL.

Is the Seahawks’ defensive scheme truly that plug-and-play?

It sure looked like it for much of Atlanta’s opener against Philadelphia. Former Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn has imported the Seahawks’ press-coverage, outside-pressure defense to the Falcons, and they made Sam Bradford and the Eagles a mess for most of the first three quarters. Philadelphia’s rally to a narrow loss shows it won’t be easy, but Quinn is debuting in an NFC South that any team with even a hint of a decent defense should win. Then again, the importing of Seattle’s schemes hasn’t exactly helped Gus Bradley win in Jacksonville, has it?

How good would Rex Ryan’s teams be if he ever got a quarterback?

He made two AFC Championship Games with the Jets while Mark Sanchez was his QB. Then he coached through Geno Smith’s drama in New York. Now in his first months leading Buffalo, he’s got Tyrod Taylor completing 73 percent of his throws for a passer rating of 123.8 last week as the Bills stomped Andrew Luck and the Colts. If Ryan can get Taylor to beat Tom Brady and New England at home this weekend, he really is a wizard coach.

“I’ll say this: I respect them probably as much as any team in the league,” Ryan said of the Patriots. “But I don’t fear them, I’ll tell you that much. We don’t fear anybody.”