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LC runner Lingbloom relishes the details

Lynden Christian 16-year-old, Josh Lingbloom, checks his watch for a final time as he crosses the finish line placing second in the 2014 Birch Bay Marathon.
Lynden Christian 16-year-old, Josh Lingbloom, checks his watch for a final time as he crosses the finish line placing second in the 2014 Birch Bay Marathon. The Bellingham Herald

When Josh Lingbloom forgets to bring his watch on a run, massive panic ensues.

“It’s like I forgot my friend,” the senior Lynden Christian cross country runner said in a phone interview.

Coach Darren Postma described his team leader as a “running geek,” and Lingbloom couldn’t disagree.

There isn’t a run or workout Lingbloom doesn’t log in his runner’s journal. He has years of notes detailing his mileage, distance and workout times.

It’s a habit acquired from his dad, who Lingbloom said has 40 years of running notes. The meticulous note taking has benefited Lingbloom in myriad ways.

“I can look back over it over the years and see where I’m at,” Lingbloom explained. “You can gauge your progress or see how far you have gone. If you have an injury, you can look back and see that I did a really hard workout and injured myself and you can solve it.”

Some could view Lingbloom’s extensive run-tracking as excessive, but no one can argue with the great results the LC runner has produced during his high school career.

Lingbloom showed a lot of promise early in his career, suffered an illness that wiped out most of his sophomore year but he put everything together as a junior and became the Lyncs’ only Class 1A State Championships Meet qualifier.

He finished 62nd at the state meet with a time of 17 minutes, 42.81 seconds. His season goal was to get there, and Lingbloom just barely accomplished the feat.

The top 20 runners at the district meet qualified for state, and sure enough Lingbloom snared the 20th spot.

“Very surprised and happy,” Lingbloom recalled of his reaction to learning he finished the race 20th. “I pushed hard all season, and it felt good to reach my goal. That is what I worked for.”

Now that Lingbloom’s been to state, he’s looking to help bring his whole team this season.

And if the rest of the Lynden Christian team can adopt Lingbloom’s work ethic they might just have a shot.

“For the last couple of years he is by far our hardest worker,” Postma said. “He is one of those kids that loves to run. He runs for fun. It’s kind of his passion, and he’s a year-round runner. If he’s not doing running stuff, he loves to be out in the mountains hiking or climbing.”

Sure, Lingbloom is hoping to perform well in races this season, but at the end of the day that’s not the most important thing to him.

“I run because I like it, not because I like to win,” he said. “If you don’t love to run, it becomes meaningless to do it.”

Even after Lingbloom graduates he’ll continue to enjoy his passion, but he’ll most likely cover distances not offered at the high school level.

During peak training times he said he runs between 80-to-100 miles per week. He doesn’t consider himself particularly fast, but his Lingbloom’s endurance is his forte. That’s a big reason he’s looking forward to competing in marathons.

But in the mean time Lingbloom is hoping to break 17 minutes this season and hopefully share another state meet with his teammates this time.

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