High School Sports

Sehome to host cross country invitational

The Sehome boys’ and girls’ cross country teams will once again host the Sehome Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 11, at Civic Stadium.

Action starts at 10 a.m. with the junior boys’ varsity race, with eight varsity races for each class following. The senior boys’ race is the last scheduled to go off with a 1:25 p.m. start. Admission to the meet is free.

Arlington, Sehome, Glacier Peak, Redmond, Snohomish are the top boys’ teams expected to participate, while Holy Names, Sehome, Glacier Peak, Bellingham, Snohomish, Redmond should be the top girls’ teams.

Top girls’ runners include Taylor Roe (Kamiak), Cammi Hannah (Arlington), Kelsey Mutton (Arlington), Annika Reiss (Bellingham), Aspen Allsop (Sehome) and Claire Rowan-Arnett (Sehome) in the freshmen race; Emma Bury (Redmond), Quincy Gale (Bellingham), Lily Hayes (Garfield), Emma Hageman (Sehome) and Brianna McGrath (Shorewood) in the sophomore race; Jordan Oakes (Holy Names), Erin Ripple (Holy Names), Heidi Smith (Glacier Peak) and Kate Rose (Sehome) in the junior race; and Amy Jo Murphy (Nooksack Valley), Kyla Shade (Snohomish), Isabelle Olive (Garfield), Maria Mueller (Holy Names) and Sarah Ball (Lynden Christian) in the senior race.

Top boys’ runners should include Blake Landry (Arligton), Noah Loftis (Arlington), Lance Mason (Redmond), George Cretu (Redmond) and Riley McDowell (Glacier Peak) in the freshmen race; Cade Brown (Bellingham), Kyle Nickum (Redmond), Wesley Olive (Garfield), Grace Oswin (Squalicum) and Blake Donnelly (Burlington-Edison) in the sophomore race; Cullen McEachern (Kamiak), William Laird (Garfield) and Lucas Strand (Cacade-Everett) in the junior race and Nathan Beamer (Arlington), Roberto Aguilera (Ferndale), Colton Johnsen (Sehome), Riley Allsop (Sehome), Conner Jones (Nooksack Valley) and Joel Keddie (Redmond) in the senior race.