Rooted Emerging nourishes youth

Rooted Emerging was established in 2010 and had about 20 volunteers in 2015.

Purpose: Celebrating Youth Rites of Passage — Meeting adolescence and sexual maturity with education, resources, parent support and a community-focused rite of passage. Rooted Emerging is changing the way we view puberty and the start of adolescence by providing deep, nourishing support for youth, with a structured challenge and celebration of what is to come. We offer coming of age programs to youth ages 11-15, along with four community events each year — a roundtable speaker event for parents and professionals in January, a “Council of the Animals” outdoor adventure game for ages 9-11, our “A Masquerade Eve” all-ages Halloween celebration, and “Love’s Fool” a feast for the heart held on April Fool’s Day.

Volunteer highlights: Dr. Kimberly Bauer has been supporting Rooted Emerging since its early inception in 2009. As a naturopathic physician and midwife, Dr. Bauer sees health from a holistic perspective, treating clients from infancy to elderhood. This passion for health has fueled the mission of Rooted Emerging for over six years. She currently serves as board chair, bringing an enthusiasm for networking and prosperity which keeps the organization going strong. Her dedication to this aspect of social change is a steady, warming presence — the heart of what we do.

Signature fundraiser: “Love’s Fool” is our new signature event, held on April Fool’s Day, April 1, at the Mount Baker Theater Encore Room. Here, adults ages 18 — 108 share stories of their foibles in early romantic love, on stage, before an audience ages 12 and up. We celebrate the part of us that feels so strongly, makes mistakes, and lives to tell the tale. Audience pick determines, “Love’s Fool,” who is crowned with jester’s hat and bestowed with flowers and prizes.

Wish list: Board member with skill in networking, publicity and drawing the crowds. Someone with strong social connections to help attract agencies and organizations to what we do, for the highest good of youth.

Current volunteer needs: Intern in public relations, grantwriting support and media development.

For more information, go online to rootedemerging.org.


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