Salish Sea Conservation documents shorelines

Salish Sea Conservation was established in 2013 and had about 10 volunteers in 2015.

Purpose: Our mission is documenting garbage on the shoreline of the Salish Sea and removing as much of it as possible. We also plan to do water quality testing to supplement other organizations data. After identifying the location of the areas with high concentration of garbage we will establish these as regular destinations to monitor and remove it. This information will be used to educate the public about this problem.

Volunteer highlights: Our original directors and officers consist of Whatcom County college and university students. We are a relatively new organization with a small budget. Because of this we have so far concentrated our work around the shoreline of Whatcom County and featured that on our website. The long range mission is to travel the whole Salish Sea and establish a regular route of operations.

Signature fundraiser: Because everyone in our organization is volunteers, we operate on a very low budget. No one is paid anything. Our funding so far has been through local individuals, friends and relatives.

Wish list: We have one volunteer boat so far to accomplish this mission but it is hauled out in a boatyard for repairs and equipment upgrades. Our biggest need now is funding for these repairs and upgrades.

Current volunteer needs: Presently we have enough volunteers to do the needed work. Our main need now is to repair and upgrade the volunteer boat and get it back in the water to begin our expansion across the Salish Sea.

For more information, go online to salishseaconservation.org.


April was National Volunteer Month and The Bellingham Herald has partnered with the Volunteer Center of Whatcom County to highlight local non-profit agencies that offer opportunities to become involved in our community. For more information online about the Volunteer Center of Whatcom County, go to whatcomvolunteer.org.