Letters to the Editor

City trash

Where to throw my cup?

I was enjoying a cup of ice cream the other day in downtown Bellingham. When the ice cream was gone, I started to look for a trash can. Turns out that I had to walk up and down the streets Bellingham before finally finding one, which was filled to the brim!

It surprises me that a city that is caring of the environment in so many ways has such a limited supply of trash cans and an awfully lot of trash laying around.

Since summer is coming up and a lot of people will be enjoying picnics in the parks, it will lead to an increased consumption of articles that will require a trash can. If there are no trash cans to be found, it is more likely for trash to be spread around in nature, which does not just look bad and is harmful for the environment, but also attracts rats and other vermin that can contract dangerous bacterias that can infect our animals and children.

A good role-model city for a functional garbage system is Stockholm, Sweden. I was born and raised there and never had a problem tossing away my empty ice cream cups since you find trash cans all the time. This is one of the reasons why Stockholm is rated one of the cleanest cities on earth according to the Huffington Post.

I understand that more trash cans is a cost in establishing and maintenance, but I believe they would make Bellingham a healthier city in the long run.

Lovisa Lund, Bellingham