Letters to the Editor


I want to commend you for running the article on April 14 about the mother who got kicked out of a courtroom for breastfeeding her child.

Although this took place in North Carolina, I think it is important to report this kind of thing as much as possible. I cannot believe that this would happen in this day and age. The child was only 8-months-old and had never had a bottle. It outrages me that anyone would have the power to stop a mother from feeding her child when it is hungry. Besides, you reported that it was legal in that state to do so.

That brings me to another point; I did not know that there were states where it is illegal to do so. Thinking about that is leaving me baffled. As a mother who breastfeed three of her children I can tell you that when they want to be fed, your body responds, and you should be able to feed the child anywhere. It is not as if women take their shirts off — breastfeeding is done discreetly.

What I don’t understand is that society is ready to watch the most sexual, as well as violent, media but some still freak out when a mother does the most natural thing. Shame on those who sexualize and share such a natural beautiful thing.

Ulrike Bartlett, Blaine