Letters to the Editor

Earth Day

Earth Day

This year on Earth Day, April 22, almost 200 nations will gather at the United Nations to sign the breakthrough agreement reached in Paris to reduce carbon emissions and limit rising temperatures.

For 46 years, Earth Day has reminded us that the environment is in our hands. We have a responsibility to preserve for our children and grandchildren the beautiful world we enjoy.

But we in the Northwest, like others around the world, are seeing the effects of climate change — rising temperatures, a shorter ski season, less reliable water supply for farmers, more intense forest fires, a rising and changing sea.

We can all play a role in reversing these impacts: drive less, dry laundry on the line, use less conventional energy. These are all actions in keeping with Earth Day traditions of preservation and sustainability.

To multiply your efforts, encourage your representatives in Olympia and D.C. to take climate action. Urge State Sen. Doug Ericksen, chair of the Senate Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee to take up HB 2346 in the next session to support the solar industry in our community. In November, vote in favor of I-732 for a state-level carbon tax, similar to the very successful B.C. program launched in 2008 that has significantly reduced carbon emissions while the economy continued to grow. Find more info on this initiative at YESON732.org. Happy Earth Day 2016!

Carol and Ray Dellecker, Bellingham