Letters to the Editor

Progressive questions

According to Bernie Sanders, the issues at stake in this election are moral issues and “the greed of Wall Street and corporate America is destroying the fabric of our nation.” He insists that, “when you have the most powerful financial institutions in this country, whose assets are equivalent to 58 percent of the GDP of this country, who day after day engage in fraudulent activity, that sets a tone.”

He has a point. Some Wall Street business models are a fraud. Some corporations and shareholders are greedy. These are issues of morality. And the same point can be made about the federal government. Could Bernie, or any progressive, please help me understand:

Why it is immoral for a few publicly held financial corporations in this country to control assets valued at 58 percent of the country’s GDP, yet it is moral for the federal government to run a fiscal gap ($210 trillion) that is nearly 12 times larger than the country’s GDP ($18 trillion)?

Why is it immoral to prosecute people who violate immigration laws (“undocumented immigrants”) while it is moral to prosecute people who violate tax laws (“undocumented taxpayers”)?

What moral principle dictates that Martha Stuart and David Petraus should be prosecuted, but not Lois Lerner or Hillary Clinton?

What moral principle could lead someone to conclude that an unborn person has no constitutional rights?

Randy Arabie, Bellingham