Letters to the Editor

Business power

In yesterday’s news there was a piece written on the recent law passed by the governor of Mississippi.

House Bill 1523 may be considered a relic of the past being brought into today’s world. Something that does not belong. I am of the persuasion that the reasons it was created, while important to consider, are not what should be the reasons this bill must be repealed.

Furthermore, what the bill actually states is also not why I believe that the bill must be repealed. House Bill 1523 should not exist because it opens up the possibility for more bills like it.

When we live in a society that considers businesses legally as persons we must be careful how much power we allot businesses. For if a person can hold religious beliefs and deny service to other persons because of these beliefs, then I believe a loophole for discrimination of the most detrimental caliber has been created.

The reason for repealing this bill is because it has the potential to lead to further legislation allowing people to use religious beliefs to harm others. Finally, how can one prove that the person claiming to hold these beliefs as truthful? I would argue that by the nature of religious belief and by the nature of humans there is no way to do so. In the end all this bill will do is pave the way for a resurgence of legal prejudice and discrimination.

Leo Perucca, Bellingham