Letters to the Editor

Palliative care

PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center Foundation has developed an informative educational tool for Whatcom County residents that clearly describes the medical specialty known as Palliative Care.

The document, developed in partnership with various community partners, has a triple aim: (1) to raise awareness about the growing need to expand palliative care outside the walls of the hospital; (2) to inform the public of the many benefits of palliative care, which improves quality of life, not only for patients but for their caregivers, with prolonged survival and lower medical costs; and (3) to generate the necessary funding to offer patient-centered care to the right person, in the right place, at the right time — every time.

PeaceHealth St. Joseph’s palliative care expansion effort is rolling out prior to National Healthcare Decisions Day which is April 16. Palliative care and advance directives go hand-in-hand.

I urge you to support PeaceHealth St. Joseph’s community-based, outpatient palliative care mission and to complete your advance directives. In doing so, we all win!

Micki Jackson, Bellingham