Letters to the Editor

Bathroom debate

So now our esteemed governor has declared our state will boycott another state because that state requires men to go into men’s bathrooms and women to go into women’s bathrooms. C’mon, really? I believe we are getting more ridiculous every minute.

Now, I am a guy who has gone into guy’s bathrooms all my life and never have I seen a problem in any of those bathrooms regarding how someone identified themselves sexually. No one cares! But now, I believe with this “new” “progressive” kind of thinking, millions of women will be subjected to having a man being in their bathrooms and other places they shouldn’t be. Where are the rights for these millions of women who I believe will feel very uncomfortable with this?

Add to that, I believe most husbands and fathers of daughters are not going to be any too happy watching some guy follow their wife or daughter into the bathroom. I can see this leading to some real problems. Sensible Americans need to say, enough is enough!

Frank Chambers, Ferndale