Letters to the Editor

Corporate control

LA Times and Union of Concerned Scientists exposed ExxonMobil’s starting climate change research in 1970.

I believe by 1980 they realized the consequences of global warming could be catastrophic and began the climate science denier campaign. Monsanto produces GMO seeds that survive their pesticides. I believe agribusiness are subsidized to help create diets that cause heart attacks and diabetes. We subsidize pharmaceutical companies who charge the highest prices in the world for our medications and have for profit medical delivery.

Many companies, to protect their profits, fight the EPA against safety requirements and disclosure. That is why we were not informed about the cervical cancer-talcum powder relationship, or tobacco-lung cancer, pesticides-neurological disorders question, etc. America sells more arms than any other nation. Military contracts do provide jobs but would we be better served improving national infrastructure, the environment, mental health infrastructure, or prisons?

Average citizens are sick of corporate abuse and manipulation, demonstrated by the frustrated masses backing Sanders or Trump. Stopping the corporate control over our lives is not going to be pretty, but it must be done. It will be a matter of teamwork or turmoil. When corporate greed or government inaction (paid for by corporate legislative control) puts people’s health, safety and well being at risk, we need to step up with our votes. Consider carefully the consequences of your candidate support., both presidential and legislative.

Donna Starr, Blaine