Letters to the Editor

Caucus system

It seems to me that the caucus system is inherently unfair to those voters who are poor, elderly, disabled or who simply cannot bear being in a loud, noisy environment for hours.

We are not allowed to have a voice in our primary election because we are physically unable to stand up for a prolonged period of time. We’re not allowed to have a voice because we have to work on a Saturday to support our families. We’re not allowed to have a voice because we know who we’re voting for and we don’t want to listen to other people trying to change our minds.

Wanting to learn what a caucus was like, I watched an online video and it made me shudder. I don’t wish to talk about my vote, I just want to cast it, but I’m not allowed to without standing around for hours listening to other people proselytizing. Why don’t Washington state Democrats hold a primary election?

Susan Anderson, Bellingham