Letters to the Editor

Stopping ISIS

As I watched the news March 22, 2016, I am horrified and weep as I see 32 people killed and 280 injured by the Muslim terrorist group ISIS and their suicide bombers.

Leaders from all over the world were taking action. What was our President doing? Obama was in Cuba with President Raul Castro, a communist leader who has tortured, impressed and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Cuba. After the news of the bombings what does Obama do? He goes to a baseball game doing the wave with Raul Castro. He should have flown home and worked with leaders around the world to seriously put a stop to ISIS.

I believe this is why people are waiting in line three hours to vote for a Republican presidential candidate. They want change. People are furious with what our government is doing and not doing. It looks like the people around the U..S are going after somebody who has not been involved with this government. They do not want thing to continue as they have the last seven years. I totally agree we need a change from the Washington D.C. government right down to the states, to go back to the people instead of big government.

Faith Gustafson, Ferndale