Letters to the Editor

Clean energy jobs

The Herald shared what I find to be a questionable proposal as a front page story: exporting wood products to Asia to burn for energy.

Something just doesn’t sit quite right with me. I moved here at the time when Georgia Pacific was closing and my heart ached for all who were losing their jobs. This was after the pipeline exploded and left a town heartbroken by the complexities of it all.

I was born in Seattle, and felt that the beauty of the Northwest must be pervasive in the hearts and minds of those who live in Bellingham and that this passion must prevail too. This land has a story to tell, and the people have a story to tell, too.

Yes, people are passionate about their jobs, whether in the lumber, oil or fishing industry. What seems to be lacking is our connection to the land. Are we merely blinded and guided by the power of the dollar? The resources are here for us to use, yes, but while the land is here to provide for us, we must also protect it for future generations.

Let’s practice sustainability, not just throw the word around. Let’s protect this beautiful place, provide and care for one another. Let’s create a future with clean energy jobs and live a life espousing that less is more. Exporting wood products to Asia is simply a really bad idea. Let’s engage and share our concerns for our waterfront use. Let’s be the change. Write the port commissioners today. Bellingham can do much better!

Jill MacIntyre Witt, Bellingham