Letters to the Editor

Pedestrian safety

Do pedestrians have any responsibility for their own safety? Driving down Cornwall in either direction it appears that the only responsible persons are the occasional driver who is careful not to hit one of the jaywalkers who pay no attention to pedestrian crosswalks, the traffic signals or cars coming down the street.

It is very much like the film I saw on Australia where rabbits are poised on either side of a trail to cross it when the opportune time arrives, untroubled by any constraints.

You can say that the pedestrian has the right of way but it appears they have no sense of either the danger, the law or the convention in other cities where people must use the pedestrian crosswalks and observe the signal lights — I take it for the reasons of safety, we have these rules. A few tickets issued to jaywalkers would be helpful in changing habits of the scofflaws.

J. Kaye Faulkner, Bellingham