Letters to the Editor

Political donations

I urge readers to go back to their Bellingham Herald or go to the library to carefully study the March 16 story “Political spending explodes; disclosure remains hazy.”

The graph shows how dramatically that political nonprofit money has exploded, especially since the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling in 2010. Rather than having full disclosure of donations, Congress remains frozen on the rules for transparency.

Many of us local people have read or are reading Jane Mayer’s “Dark Money” book so that we see how nationally and also here in Washington the money and message is delivered by complex networks of donors and spokespersons.

This year we in Washington will have opportunity to vote on Initiative 735 to affirm that corporations are not the people for whom the Constitution was written, that money is not speech, and that donations must be fully, speedily reported. Study the issue and don’t be bought by a last minute barrage of money or fear.

Alyce Werkema, Lynden