Letters to the Editor

Social Security

Here we go again. Last fall those receiving Socal Security were informed that there would be no cost of living increase for this year. The reason was that gasoline prices had dropped.

I wondered how the cost of living was calculated since I didn’t see any other prices falling.

Home prices were reported by The Herald as having increased in Bellingham.

Price a new or replacement car and see what you find.

Today Cascade Natural Gas sent me a notice that my natural gas costs would be increased by 8.93 percent if their request for an increase was approved by the WUTC. Almost nine percent if I want to stay warm and if I want to cook my food and if I want warm water. It seems to me that I need these things. It’s not like gasoline that I can choose to buy or not to buy. Or a new home I can choose to buy or not buy or a replacement car. I’m trapped by Cascade and at the mercy of the WUTC.

If my heating and cooking costs go up can I expect that the Social Security will increase next year?

I still find prices increasing almost every week on must basic products.

Questions: 1. How is the cost of living calculated? 2. Who sits on the WUTC and how do I get a chance to sit on that board? Finally as a fixed income senior what can I do?

Robert Knodt, Bellingham