Letters to the Editor


After attending a meeting of the redistricting committee on Monday, I was appalled by the lack of civility and cooperation by the GOP members.

The Democrat side had neatly drawn maps with alternatives and population figures made clear to the viewer. The GOP side presented an unclear map with scribbles on it. When asked for population figures a member responded with “I left them at home.” I am so familiar with the “dog ate my homework” excuse. To hear it from an adult working in a professional capacity to find a collaborative solution to making five fair and equal voting districts was disturbing.

It makes me sad to hear paranoid thoughts that folks supporting five fair and equal voting districts are out to “get something” for themselves. I believe people who voted for Prop 9. want a fair and equal distribution of voting districts in Whatcom County. I live in Everson and look forward to being in the “foothill” district and having a member on the council who represents the people in my district.

Ronna Loerch, Everson