Letters to the Editor

Ferndale planters

Everyone (or almost everyone) pays property tax: property owners, businesses, renters (included in their rent, etc.). One major exception is churches. Churches do not pay taxes on their properties. Everyone else is subsidizing the churches by absorbing this burden.

In appreciation to all of us who are making up for the taxes the churches don’t have to pay, it is my hope that these churches would be willing to volunteer their services for the good of the whole community.

As a resident of Whatcom County and a daily user of Ferndale’s Riverwalk Park, I would like to see the planters being used, especially since each planter is already plumbed for water and on timers. To this end, I would like to suggest an “adopt a planter” project. I don’t think this would be too much to ask of the local churches.

Perhaps the mayor of Ferndale, a church minister himself, could volunteer to organize this project with other area churches. Let’s have plants and flowers instead of weeds this coming summer.

Kenneth Ford, Ferndale