Letters to the Editor

Election advice

You are probably sick and tired of political jargon. All proclaim a new nation.

I am tired of the good old boys and girls saying what you want to hear, by political party speak. Let’s step out of the circle and elect someone who is not of the caste system. I believe there stand only two people, Donald Trump as president and Ben Carson as vice president.

Whoever is running for office is a mud bath of people throwing stink bombs, innuendos and lies.

Trump is the voice of the people as per Ronald Reagan or Teddy Roosevelt. Ben Carson is also the voice of the people. He has brought himself up by the boot straps and is honest as the day is long. Trump is proving that the people want to clean house.

Don’t let the voices of doom sway your vote. Look through the hype of those who are trying to find wrong to belittle a change we need.

Darryl Ehlers, Lynden