Letters to the Editor

Celebrity mania

Just as works of fiction such as the “Wizard of Oz require” the reader to willfully suspend disbelief, to accept the plausibility of what I believe to be the fable called Donald Trump requires the willful suspension of intellect or rational critical thinking.

If his candidacy is construed as a metric of the simplistic naivete index of his supporters, just as the SAT can be an indicator of intellect, I believe many if not most of Trump’s supporters would score in the top 90th percentile of the TFT, the Tooth Fairy Test.

Suspend for the moment, if you can, his physical caricature, the most disturbing issue of his viable candidacy is the blind, intellectually incurious acceptance by so many Americans — of a cartoon who preaches, an often mercurial, vacuous message of a patriarchal benevolent dictator: Employing the same nativistic, nationalistic rantings of the Third Reich, invoking “interesting” quotations from the infamous fascist Mussolini.

When the curtain is pulled back on the Wizard of Oooze, sadly those followers will feel even more exploited, betrayed.

So the fundamental question becomes why the level of cynicism, alienation and fear, the manifestation of anger, about the political process to be so blindly swept up in a tide of celebrity mania?

I submit it is an act of desperation to a rigged political system controlled by the few with the most. Never have so many owed so little to so few.

Michael Kominsky, Bellingham