Letters to the Editor

Labor policies

Regarding the March 3 story about slave-labor imports, I believe Obama ultimately infringes on other nation’s societal norms by signing the law with provisions to close the child- and slave-labor import loopholes, as it is a normal part of other country’s functioning society to have child laborers and slaves.

Sending the children to work basic jobs frees the adults to complete more complex duties. Slaves and underpaid workers are grateful for any income they can provide to their family, and are willing to sell their labor to others to survive. This law will cause instability within already struggling countries, as they will scramble to find new ways to produce to meet our ideals and export laws.

I believe the provisions of the law will ultimately decrease foreign supply as many will fail to meet our criteria, however, America’s demand will remain constant. Economics has taught us that low supply and a high demand results in price hikes on basic goods like electronics, clothing and food. Instability of other economies and our economy, due to the scramble and price hikes, could lead to global turmoil on the economic front.

I am interested to see the global effects of this bill, as America is not always right, and governing other countries indirectly through policies written to enforce our own ideals has proven harmful in the past.

Darian Havens, Bellingham