Letters to the Editor

Trump presidency

Recently, a lot of people have been worried about the possibility of a Trump presidency. They’re afraid that he will follow through on plans they find insane, plunging the United States into a liberal’s nightmare.

I argue that Trump will do no such thing. If Trump wins the presidency, I don’t think he’ll attempt the ideas he’s proposed. Instead, Donald Trump will act like I believe every other conservative president in the last 20 years has: he will cut taxes to the rich, increase corporate subsidies and bluster at the U.N.

Why? Because first off, Trump is no Hitler. Second, he’s not the fascist he appears. Hitler was a racial ideologue who used his personal hatred to create support for his rise to power. Once he’d gained power, his strong personal belief drove him to acts few who supported would have condoned. Compare that to Donald Trump. For most of his life, he’s appeared to be at most a left-leaning conservative. He hasn’t shown any sign that he actually believes the things he’s said about banning Muslims or building a wall. Before his presidency, he hadn’t said a thing, and Donald Trump doesn’t seem like the kind to hold that back.

Like many great politicians, Trump has re-discovered the ancient art of populism: saying what people want to hear, then ignoring their angry demands once elected. Would Trump be the worst president since Nixon? Maybe. Would he be Hitler’s equal? Unlikely.

Evan Frazier, Bellingham