Letters to the Editor

Dream candidate

I dream of a candidate, Democrat or Republican, for local, county, state or federal office pledging the following:

Abolish “press one, press two, etc.” and even more painful subsets of one, two, etc. Hire community college-trained telephone operators for businesses. This can be part of the currently proposed “community college for all interested students” program — supplemented by tax breaks.

No robocalls — extra penalties for early morning and dinnertime calls.

When calling computer tech support, the right to say “I don’t want to troubleshoot with you for hours.” Tech support employees should have the capability, at your request and with your consent, to remotely take over your computer and fix what is annoying you without you having to do anything — a nice tax break for them.

If you are on hold for 45 minutes with any private business or governmental agency and then suddenly disconnected hearing the dastardly message: “If you would like to make a call, please hang up and try again” – a huge fine for them.

All companies doing business on the internet must have a telephone number and real people to talk with instead of being required to send them an e-mail.

The candidate, who in addition to enforcing these five items, must be mentally sound, realistic and practice public decorum. He/she should hold no extremist views and be willing to work with opposing parties to pull us out of this years-long governmental quagmire.

Eileen Evry, Bellingham