Letters to the Editor

Highest office

This political season of hatred has certainly brought forth the necessity of our doing something to ensure we are not going to elect a tyrant, a buffoon, a racist, a misogynist or dictator wannabe as our president.

For the highest position of leadership of the U.S., it is high time that we create an examination on the order of the type of exam lawyers have to pass in order to practice law. Since this is a country based on the constitution, a document of laws, someone in the position of president must have full understanding of our history and world history. Our present president has that capability, but I see little evidence of that in conservative candidates now running for president. I would furthermore suggest a stringent psychological examination by three psychiatrists be administered on each candidate before they even have an election. After the last insane display of irrational behavior during debate by certain Republican candidates, don’t you believe something must be done?

And in reference to our constitution, I would further encourage everyone to go see Michael Moore’s latest film: “Where to Invade Next.” It is an eye opener that is quite revealing of how other countries have actually taken ideals and principles from our founders and ensured in the constitution, which we used to abide by, and those countries have furthered those ideals and principles into working processes for their people.

Chris Symonds, Bellingham